Chilli Tree Menu

ALLERGY ADVICE: Some of our dishes do contain nuts and dairy products, please enquire when you order.

We welcome comments from customers. The chef will be pleased to prepare any dish which is not mentioned on our menu.


  • 1. Samudra macha belfoi

    Tandoori king prawn, tuna and salmon steak – try something different. accompanied with mixed olives (belfoi), sweet chilli sauce and salad.

  • 3. Cilantro chimmichuri scallops

    Chimmichuri dressing lends brightness.  For this recipe we use chimmichuri to compliment scallops.  It is a light and  tasty dish. Enjoy!  

  • 4. Sheekh kebabs

    India’s answer to sausages.  Full of flavours and perfect as a starter. Served with chutney and salad.

  • 5. Tinranga murgh tikka

    This starter is a very colourful one.  Three different types of marinated chicken cubes (Hariyali, Malai and Tikka) served with salad.

  • 6. Kalonji Jhinga

    Garlic king prawns make an impressive starter, drizzled with Lembu dressing  – (Lembu is an Indian lemon which has a very strong fragrance).

  • 7. Tandoori murgh

    Chicken on the bone served with salad and sweet chilli sauce.

  • 8. Koonthal jhol

    Chopped squid cooked, with red wine in a slightly spicy tangy sauce.  One of the delicious starters for seafood lovers.

  • 9. Jhinga puri

    Prawn puri is one of my favourite starters, zingingly medium spiced prawns on a pancake, served with crispy salad.

  • 10. Malabar kakrar

    For a delicious ocean seafood dish try crab. A twist on the classic crab cake – this has the best qualities of two vibrant cultures – Indian and English.

  • 11. Macher koftas

    Tasty and simple fish cakes.  It is a great use for fish, a good texture. Pescatarians must try!

  • 12. Palak methi muthiya

    It is a perfect dish to serve for vegetarians.  Steamed savory dumplings of spinach, vegetables and fenugreek. Accompanied by onion bhajis and shingaras.

  • 13. Gudmarani macha

    There is something effortlessly elegant about offering salmon canapes in a restaurant.  The trick to this combo is slicing the tomatoes and cucumbers ultra-thin.

  • 14. Phala pak-choi

    Fruit salas in lemon juice and pak-choi, it is very good to use citrus to open up the taste buds, perfect before starting a hearty meal.  Counts towards your five a day.

  • 15. Oi Lal bhai

    Sumptuously succulent lobster, hand piped and garnished with lemon slices.



Chilli Tree Specials

  • 16. Murgh masala

    Chicken cooked in the tandoori, and then sliced into pieces for making the special curry. Tomatoes lend colour, sauce and flavour, a little spicy.

  • 17. Rang Murgh Malai

    Three types of coloured chicken.  Green is from coriander and mint.  White is from milk and yoghurt and the red is from tikka spices.  The appearance of this dish is very colourful topped with rose petals.

  • 18. Lubi ki lamb

    Asian green beans compliments lamb very well.  My family has this at dinner parties.  This is a hearty, vegetable packed curry.

  • 19. Kochur mukhi

    This mukhi (eddoes) dish is well suited for chicken, lamb or ocean fish.  Mukhi is used ib a lot of South Asian recipes, it looks similar to potatoes.  This curry tastes good, I’m sure you will like it.

  • 20. Loti Chingri jhol

    Loti with Chingri (Taro Stolon with Prawns) made by my mother! This dish is one of the most popular meals at home.

  • 21. Kosha mangsho kodu

    Chunks of beef and butternut squash cooked in BHUNA.  A little family history: My granddad in 1955 bought kodu from Calcutta because he could not find any in Whitechapel.

  • 22. Taba murgh dome

    Thinly sliced chicken cooked with ginger, peppers, tomatoes and onions in a fairly hot madras sauce.  Served in a stainless steel cloche dome.

  • 23. Bhaja hattaya murgh

    Sizzler chicken is a dinner party hit.  Marinated chicken shred served on a hot plate. This dish is popular due to its sizzling effect with pepper and medium garlic sauce.

  • 24. Amla murgh

    Ever tried tamarind? Tropical knobbly fruit, widely used in Indian cooking.  So much so that it is called the ‘Indian date’. In any case – it is perfectly paired with chicken and tomato to give a sweetness taste with a bit of kick.

  • 25. Cinnamon murgh

    Cinnamon is one of my favourite seasonings in sweet recipes.  I thought of giving it a try with chicken.  In this dish we use the cutlets of murgh mumtaz.

  • 26. Special Jhalfrezi

    Jhalfrezi is popular in Indian menus.  Our version is medium spiced and combines a rich tomato taste, with delectable flavours of read wine, peppers and coriander.

  • 27. Mungsho shatkora

    This dish has become popular from Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey.  Beef is cooked with Shatkora to provide a spicy tangy taste. Shatkora is native to Bangladesh and it is used for its fragrance and citrus flavour.

  • 29. Jeera murgh

    Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt and cumin powder for an hours with finely chopped ginger and garlic.  The finishing of the dish will be added with turmeric and chilli powder.

  • 30. Murgh Mumtaz

    Chicken in a full bodied rich herb infused tomato sauce, little spicy and rolled with mince stuffing, white ground pepper and red chilli.

  • 31. Murgh/mungsho/ash shakuti

    This hot and spicy recipe originated from the state of Goa. The shakuti sauce is made by cooking cardamom, cinnamon and molasses together. The appearance is brown carrying a lovely fragrence.

  • 32. Kuchai Saagwala

    This dish can be served using either chicken/lamb/beef with fresh spinach and the end result is a tasty nutritious and healthy meal.

  • 33. Roshni marich murgh

    This garlic chilli masala should not be confused with a conventional ‘tikka masala’, it is on the hot side with garlic and green chillies. Garlic lovers, MUST try.

  • 34. Naga murgh/mungsho/jhinga

    This is a flavoursome curry with a devilish kick to it! With mixed peppers, tomatoes and onions. The Naga chilli is the hottest chilli in the world.

  • 35. Modu tikka masala

    Without question, chicken tikka masala is a brilliant curry that makes people happy. We have made a little modification by adding local honey.

  • 36. Mungsho/murgh rezala

    A sweet and sour dish, is a traditional Adadhi Indian recipe for lamb/chicken with onions that is mixed peppers (screw pine essence as optional for fragrance).

  • 37. Khuruf al lachedar

    Middle Eastern inspired dish. Lamb is the best meat for this dish because it shreds very well. The aromatic spice mix of saffron pair perfectly with parsley and coriander.

  • 38. Kabocha mungsho patiala

    Lamb shank cooked with Japanese pumpkin. In particular the sauce is a spicy piquante made from shallots and mint. Very popular in Bangalore.

  • 39. Aash r baash

    The combination of duck and bamboo in this dish marries perfectly with the bhuna sauce, served with rambutans – close relation of the lychee. We have teamed up to give you a meal that will hit the spot.

  • 40. Mungsho keema uri bisi

    Traditional east Indian delicacy, romano beans cooked with lamb bhuna. This recipe was given to me by my grandmother. It has been passed through generations so as you can imagine it is the real deal. Super tasty.

  • 41. Dim, mix meat and keema

    Egg, chicken, lamb and keema bhuna with green chillies. This is one of my absolute favourite Bengali dishes. I have trouble holding myself back when eating this, so tempted to grab just one more egg and devour it!

  • 42. Murgh aloo jhorda

    Cubes of chicken in a bhuna sauce topped with sliced sauteed potatoes. If you are like me, you may find yourself wanting to lick the saucepan.



Special Fish Dishes

  • 44. Salmon Kalia

    A favourite of the Bengalis.  Kalia is traditionally made with the local, strong-tasting freshwater fish called rui or katla, who belongs to the carp family. We made this dish with salmon, cauliflower and potatoes in a slightly spicy sauce.

  • 45. Samundari salmon khazana

    The samundari khazana curry, meaning seafood treasure, is a mix of seafood (the seafood mix is a combination of mussels, prawns and squid pieces) and salmon steak carrying the lemon flavour.

  • 46. Boal mach tenga

    Boal is a species of catfish.  It is mostly found in the large rivers in the Indian subcontinent.   We have prepared this dish with tomato and green chilli, in mind that fish should be dry and spicy.

  • 47. Boro chingri bahar

    Boro meaning (BIG) king sized prawns marinated in chefs own special recipe with red wine sauce (house red wine).

  • 48. Rupchanda mach bhaja

    Rupchanda fry is popular in the coastal regions of Bangladesh, such as Cox’s Bazaar. Created to be the most tasteful and colourful dish on our menu.



Tandoori Sizzler Specialities

(Radiant heat cooking and hot-air adds to the freshness of flavour)

Traditional Specials

  • 52. Balti

    A balti curry is cooked over a high flame with spiced fresh meat and/or vegetables and peppers.

  • 53. Dhansak

    Dhansak is a popular Indian curry made from lentils, flavoured with lemon and spices.  It is mild, sweet and rich with just enough heat to satisfy most tastes.

  • 54. Jhalfrezi

    Jhalfrezi is a type of curry which involves frying marinated pieces of meat, fish or vegetables in oil and spices to produce a dry, thick sauce.

  • 55. Kormah

    The word Kormah, meaning ‘cooked meat’ has its roots in the Mughlai cuisine.  Classically, a kormah is defined as a dish where meat or vegetables are cooked with coconut and yogurt.

  • 56. Madras

    Madras sauce is fairly hot, dark brown with heavy use of chilli.

  • 57. Rogan Josh

    Robust, tangy tomato  curry derived from the word rogan meaning ‘red’ and josh ‘passion’ or ‘heat’.

  • 58. Vindalho

    We agree that vindalho is the hottest one that we like and that anything hotter is risking having an exploding mouth, stomach or heart.



Biryani Dishes

The cooks to the Moghul emperors took the biryani and transformed it into a courtly delicacy.  Biryanis are made to order and the curry connection comes from the mixed vegetable curry, with which it is served.

  • 63. Khazanna biryani

    Mix biryani, really needs no introduction.  If there is such a thing as foods of the Gods, it is undoubtedly the biryani.  Aromatic and popular all round meals.




  • Dhana (Rice)

    Plain rice:  £1.95 Brown rice: £2.95 (Try!) Pilau rice: £2.95 Coconut rice: £3.95 Mushroom rice £3.95 Special rice: £4.95 Keema rice: £4.95    


Sabjee (vegetables)

  • Sabjee (vegetables)

    Bombay/sagaloo: £3.95 Tarka saagdal: £3.95 Tarka dal: £4.95 Pink ravaya: £3.95 Marich ghobi:£3.95 Aloo chutney: £2.95


Naan Bread

For safety reasons we cannot guarantee that the rice flour, which is used to make the bread is 100%, it will be better for celiac and other wheat observers not to consume the bread. All care is taken to avoid cross-contamination at serving time.

  • Naan Bread

    Plain naan: £1.95 Rasuna (garlic) naan: £2.95 Marich (chilli) naan: £2.95 Peshwari naan: £3.95 Keema naan: £3.95 Onion and panira (cheese and onion) naan: £2.95 Additional – Chapathi: £1.95 Paratha: £2.95 Stapha Paratha: £3.95 Roti: £2.95